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When a Voice Actress (VA) of a Persona 5/ Persona 5 Royal main role character agrees to voice a character of an indie game in development like Kafka. You know well that the game holds promise.

But first off. What is Kafka?

What is Kafka?

The premise of Kafka brings us to the future of the world we live in. Somewhat post apocalyptic, 95% of the worlds’ population is gone due to a white light. The white light creates a giant walls that summon monsters terrorizing citizens every other night. Adjusting to such horrible lifestyle. The citizens uses holographic social network to communicate with one another and also to survive each night by travelling to the center of the walls.

Unlike the traditional turn based style from the Persona game. Kafka battle sequence is towards the hack and slash combat against the nightmare creatures. However you cannot make do with just mindlessly attacking creatures. Kafka’s monster design requires you to learn monsters pattern and style to exterminate the enemies.

More information about Kafka can be found here.

Elizabeth Maxwell VA as Aria

Elizabeth Maxell, an English VA, known for her voice acting works on well known popular characters such as:

  • Sae Nijima (Persona 5/ Persona 5 Royal)
  • Albedo (Overlord)
  • Midnight (Boku No Hero: My Hero Academia)
  • Winter Schnee (RWBY)

With so many great characters in her arsenal of voice acting. Agreeing to voice as what seems to be a bodacious intelligent operator/hacker and an ally to the protagonist known as Aria.

It will be exciting what she thinks about Kafka and the reason for her to agreeing to voice Aria.

Introduction video for Aria


If you want to learn more about Kafka and want to support Fkkcloud in his endeavors into making the game Kafka into a reality. Click on the images.




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