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Square Enix has released the trailer for Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and The Nintendo Switch. And it seems like they are carrying plots relevant to the main story line of the Kingdom Hearts series.

Kingdom Hearts are well known for their intricate plot points. Probably due to the many Kingdom Hearts games spin-off trying to seam everything together into a story. Surprisingly enough, no matter how far the story deviates off in a spin-off game. They somehow manage to make sense out of everything in Kingdom hearts 3.

The Plot thickens

This time, with Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory, Sora, Donald and Goofy somehow got themselves lost within their memory once again and together. They revisit the worlds they visit before in the form of a rhythmic style combat. With Kairi at the side figuring out the truth of her past and ended up having a one-to-one combat with a member of the Organisation Xlll.

over 140 Tracks to enjoy

Judging by the amount of tracks available. This game isn’t a short game on its own. With that many tracks. Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory may seem to re-visit worlds from all Kingdom Hearts games like Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and Birth by Sleep. Just to name a few.

And the game do not seem like cake-walk either. As the trailer continues, they portray some difficult keys that requires some hardcore reflexes to get use to.

4 Different game modes and online battle

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory announced that they have 4 game modes and an online battle.

There’s not much we can say about the modes available. However the trailer did depicts the actual monster beating according to the beat of the music, a quick time event reflex boss battle and the online battle itself. (We aren’t too sure what was the last mode is unfortunately.).

No specific release date has been announce yet. Only know that the game will be release Worldwide this year in 2020.

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