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Creativity is boundless with what can Animal Crossing: New Horizons flexibility on designing your own island. Korean Youtuber 특정키 used that flexibility to his advantage and had his brain juices going into making his very own Zoo in his island.

What’s even more adorable is that he had other visitors dressed up as kindergarten students to visit his zoo.

He brought them around to see various villagers and even brought them to “merchandise shopping” at the Able sister’s and Nook Cranny shop.

Overall the video is adorable and cute. Let’s just hope that Youtuber 특정키 would not keep his beloved villagers in cages for far too long. That’ll be kinda sad.

Note: The video is in Korean. Turn the captions on for English Subs.

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 by Elias Lutes in May 18, 2020

This is why I love gamers. We are so creative.

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