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Been enjoying Animal Crossing: New Horizons and been collecting their merchandises? Here’s one more to be added on your wish lists! The Animal Crossing Enamel Pins!

Passionate and crazy about the recent release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The friends of a dynamic duo, Diana and Michelle, banded together and designed a humble roster of some cute Animal Crossing characters enamel pins!

Upon announcing on social media on a local group, their posts was quickly well received and fans responses were quick to inquire more about their pins. It is truly amazing.

Currently Diana and Michelle pins are on a pre-ordering phase catered to the local fans of Singapore. However there’s no fear. The pins will be available for overseas delivery once the pins are launched officially.

GameAvenueX do not own any of the designs below. It is purely for illustration purposes based on Diana and Michelle’s work.

And They’re not going to stop there

If you’ve been enjoying their designs so far. We have some good news for you. According to Diana, the designs above is not all they are going to do. They shared that there are 4 more designs on the way!

If you love to see more and want to support what they do. Feel free to their Instagram account to keep yourselves updated on their progress with the Animal Crossing Enamel Pins. @thesulkclub &

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