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This may not be news worthy. However We’ve came across a video which may come across a surprise to most veteran Persona 5 Royal players. The mysterious blue sofa at Kichijoji.

Even at multiple playthroughs and hundreds of hours spent on Persona 5 Royal. We’ve just never realized the blue sofa or even if we saw it. It never came across as an interactive object.

If you use your phantom skills: the third eye, everything around you would be greyed out except the blue chair and if you sit on it long enough. The game will reward you with 1 guts points. Not like you really need it as there are plenty ways to get guts however it is a neat little easter egg presented by Youtuber Harry Type-C

Igor’s Sofa?

Many spectulated that the blue sofa belongs to Igors, that is why the Persona 5 Royal protagonists are drawn by its power compared to the many other chairs outside. We may be overthinking it but just an interesting thought.

Let us know what you think and have you found out about the blue sofa during your playthrough in Persona 5 Royal?

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