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This has been the golden months of Japan Role Playing Games JRPGs! With the titan release of Persona 5 Royal and Final Fantasy 7 Remake. It is only for sure that you would feel the sense of void within yourself after completing such great games with well thought out story lines and characters to remember.

If you’re still thirsty for more JRPG goodness and know more memorable characters to fill the void. Then Sakura Wars is just the thing for you. Here’s a few features that may interest you or raise a few eyebrows.

Sakura Wars takes place in an alternate universe Earth in the 1940s. You play  Seijuro Kamiyama, who joins a new rookie force taking the place of the Combat Revue. The Flower Division. With your experience you manage your team socially and bringing them out to battle against the demons.

Keep in mind Sakura Wars is currently only available on the Play Staytion 4 Console.

Battle System

Simple yet addictive battle system. Compared to Final Fantasy 7 Remake complex battle system and Persona 5 Royal turn based combat mechanic. Sakura Wars are a simple hack and slash type of game. However its the little things that makes the game more enjoyable.

For example, enemies spawn in huge numbers. Having your Mech destroys everything in sight is very satisfying. However you cannot just hack your way through the game. Some enemies are slightly more harder and requires you to dodge at the right time and exploit their weakness.

Characters in game will also commune with you mid-battle which makes you much more immerse during missions. My only gripes is that during battles, you are very focus in combat and you have to flick your eyes mid screen and below to read the sub-titles. If only they can make the sub bigger.

Social Li… I mean Trust System

As the Captain of the Flower Division. You ought to know your team better and the game gives you plenty of opportunities for that. Sakura Wars introduces to you the trust system, whereby making right choices towards your team varies the responses back to you increasing or decreasing your trusts.

Keep in mind the choices you make may seem obvious but you have to really get to know them better by their personality to make the your choice the most of its value.

Making right choices increases their trusts towards you and enables them to perform better in missions.

Very story driven game

As expected of any JRPGs. Sakura Wars focuses more on the stories than the battles. Be expecting to listen dialogues after dialogues to learn more about the world of Sakura Wars and the team in Flower Division.

However, always be on your toes because you cant just leave your controller at the side while watching them converse with one another. Many times, you will be expected to jump in and reply to their questions mid dialogues. There are many choices to choose from and most to them results to funny reactions which makes the game playable just to see what kinds of replies you’re going to get.

It is expected of Sakura Wars as their predecessors game were usually a visual novel game. However in the latest entry, we get to enjoy the beautiful anime style animation using the Sega’s Hedgehog Engine 2.

If you’re still aren’t convinced. I’d like to recommend you to take a few minutes of your time to listen to Youtuber Backlog Battle’s review on Sakura Wars. Albeit a newer generation of game reviewer. Alex’s review are very succinct and on point. I’ve quickly became one of his subscribers after watching a few more of his reviews.

Back to Sakura Wars. He covers every single aspects of the game from head to tail leaving no stones un-turned keeping you engaged with his reviews. From the slight history of the game and down to the mechanics.

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