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Animal Crossing: New Horizon Community Gaming News

Animal Crossing: New Horizons no doubt is a great game with many great mechanics and flexibility in designing of island, but not without its flaws. Although a well crafted game. The game literally took the motto of “Take Your Time” and added that into the equation which may seem very repetitive to some players in the long run.

To list a few example, Crafting one Item at a time. Terraforming 1 space at a time. Listening to repetitive dialogues on and on again.

YouTuber Nick Ha has crafted an ultimate trailer for the ultimate Animal Crossing quality-of-life update. Upon watching the video, you cannot help yourself but agree on every quality of life ideas she brought up. If not, at least one.

In summary, these are the few quality of life ideas they pointed out.

  1. Crafting multiple items at once. (Especially fish bait!)
  2. Customizing items during the crafting stage.
  3. Crafting stations in players’ homes pulling from storage.
  4. Sorting player backpack items with a push of a button.
  5. The ability to hold down a button to continue painting paths.
  6. A target marker for tools and island customization.
  7. Skipping repeated dialogue like fishing messages.
  8. A button to instantly use items from inventory.

YouTuber Nick Ha and her team has really done it with the direct. If it weren’t for their quirky voices (which is very entertaining and engaging) we would have believed it to be real. But after watching them. It turns out that we really need those functions to be available immediately for the next patch to greatly improve our gaming experience.

Please share them around so Nintendo can acknowledge it an make some quality of life improvement of their almost flawless Animal Crossing game.

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