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It is an interesting find that there’s supposed to be a side scrolling Mechanic in the Kaneshiro Palace for Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal in the beta files.

Youtuber Harry Type-C shared a beta footage of the Phantom Thieves sneaking through the laundering office climbing above the roof and hiding below the floors to avoid contact of the enemies.

You may remember this area by the iconic, long almost claustrophobic office corridors as the glass besides depicts the huge empty space and bank notes raining as far as the eye can see.

Laundering Office on Official Release

Laundering Office Beta (Roof)

The image shows Joker climbing above the roof of the office sneaking away from the shadow.

Laundering office underground (Beta)

It also seems that you are able to travel in between floors, it helps prolong the side scrolling section of the game as the office is rather short and took less time to complete this section.

laundering office beta (Video)

Are you interested in the side scrolling aspect of Kaneshiro’s Palace? Tell us what you think.

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