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As you already know, Persona 5 Royal gives us ample time to max out our confidant by the final boss. However did you know Atlus actually intended to throw a curve ball on our plan to max our confidant? An unused content called the Confidant Doubt mechanic.

Basically it works is similar to Persona 3 and Persona 4 reverse Arcana, if you ignored the confidant invite or have not contacted them long a long period of time. They will start to develop a doubt in you and wonder if you are actually intending to keep the “Deal” you promised them at the start.

Youtuber Danieru actually datamine and noticed that there is a code in the game where the doubt mechanic are still in the game and modded Persona 5 showing us what could happen to each confidant express their doubt towards you and how to garner back their trusts.

doubt Mechanic images

Doubt Mechanic Video

What do you think? Would you think that Persona 5 and Royal should include the doubt mechanic for an extra challenge? Tell us your thoughts.

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