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It is time to go back to school with the amazing school themed decoration done by an Animal Crossing fan, Searchjune.

Ever since the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Searchjune has set his sights to meticulously collect furniture that would fit the school theme and patiently search his envisioned animal neighbours to recreate a school setting. And with the help of Harvey’s photo studio, he is able to achieve his goals into a reality.

Upon sharing his finished products onto social media, it has easily garnered over 300 likes within less than an hour.

-GameAvenueX do not own any of the images below, it is purely an illustration of Searchjune’s work.-

1: The School Hallway

We notice the extra effort Searchjune put in giving all the “students” a uniform. Talk about attention to details.

2: Class is in session

Molly seems like she can’t handle the pressure.

3: Toilet Break

4: Music class

5: Principal Raymond?

6: School assembly

And it’s not going to end there

We’ve manage to contact Searchjune last night and he shared with us the challenges faced and the potential future projects he plans to venture next.

GameAvenueX: How long did it took you to recreate the design for the school because from what it seems, it feels like it took a long time.

Searchjune: Well, I already had the plan of doing this since day 1 and it took me awhile to find all suitable furniture and villagers. Overall, it took me about 45 minutes to set up each room. Getting the villagers to pose right is the hardest part.

GameAvenueX: Are you planning to start on a next theme after this? If yes, what is it going to be?

Searchjune: I sure have a few ideas. Either to continue expanding the school theme by redecorating the classroom with fossils and critter models and also probably create a comic like story to the initial decoration I posted earlier. For example, like why is Stitches and Judy kissing with a heartbreak.

If you enjoy his Animal Crossing: New Horizons school design and wishes to see more in the future, you may follow him on Instagram here. Link here to his instagram

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