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Did you know Hifumi Togo, the Star Arcana is supposed to be planned to be apart of the Phantom Thieves as a tactician but unfortunately due to the extensive length of the game, they decided to cut Hifumi Togo out and placed her as a confidant character instead in the final product of both Persona 5 original and Persona 5 Royal.

Creator’s commentary on hifumi togo

Quoted from the above picture: “When it was decided that Makoto would be the brains behind the protagonist’s team, we also had plans to add another more radical-minded strategist. It was when that we first sketched a character similar to what would become Hifumi. We later integrated both ideas into Makoto, but when thinking of Confidant characters, we ended up discussing the possibility of using that original sketch and decided to use it for a completely different character. For the design, we went with the image of a distinctly Japanese beauty. Once it was decided that she would be into shogi, we added Japanese-style hair ornaments and tried to give her an air of intelligence.”

Fanarts/ Concept arts of Hifumi togo as a phantom thief

After fans learned that Hifumi Togo was initially meant to be a member of Phantom Thieves. Many hearts were shattered. However, they want to bring justice to her. Thus they banded together to recreate arts after arts of her on how would she look like wearing a mask!

They began describing her as a “Spear wielding tactician accompanied by a Sniper gun. Masked covers half of her face as she uses the non covered eye to snipe down her foes.”

GameAvenueX do not own any of the images below. It is purely for illustration purpose. Unfortunately we couldn’t locate the artist for these pictures. However we will keep looking.

All out attack screen if hifumi was a phantom thief | Persona 5 ...
Persona 5 - Hifumi Togo Costume Design, Raymond Lam on ArtStation ...
Hifumi as a Phantom Thief member | SMT:Persona 5 Amino
Hifumi Togo | Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 5 | Persona 5, Persona ...

Not going to lie. We got completely blown away after witnessing the potential of her designed outfit of her as a Phantom Thief. Unfortunately we can only keep on wishing as Persona 5 Royal is already out and she’s still a confidant. However she will always be a phantom thief in my heart.

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