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Taking a break Terra Forming your island but still can’t get enough of Animal Crossing: New Horizons content? We’ve got something special to share. Youtuber ClayClaim known for his beautiful work of Clay art, decides to design an Animal Crossing themed island straight out of clay and toilet paper roll.

His skilled and detail work on his project was rather calming and almost therapeutic for the viewers to actually watch the 20 minutes video to the end. I know i have.

And if you’ve been playing the Animal Crossing Series often. Toilet Roll makes sense considering how your town rotates like a cylinder when you’re our exploring and interacting with the other villagers.

So if you’re done with your toilet papers and have some clays to spare. Hopefully you’d be inspired by ClayClaim to recreate another Animal Crossing Island for your collection.

“And people still say the earth is flat. It’s clearly a TOILET PAPER ROLL!!!”

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