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Animal Crossing: New Horizon Gaming News

Since the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, many players were wondering if Brewster’s Café are to make a return on the brand new game. Despite several exploring of Tom Nook’s recreation options and Isabelle’s assisting options. The game shows no signs nor hints on Brewster’s Cafe from any NPCs coming into the island. Which worries many players because having a cafe on their island makes their dream island more aesthetically interesting!

Until recently.

Brewster was mentioned

Twitter user sliceofcy shared a clip of her interaction with Clay.

Notice how Brewster’s name was highlighted in yellow? Usually when word gets highlighted it means they want to describe an important point of the game. There may be a high chance that Brewster will make an appearance in future DLC or an event!

Art Museum to “GAWK” at

Twitter User sylvidia shared her clip of her conversation with Fang.

The word Museum is highlighted as well and she’s not referring at Blather’s museum too. Fang refers the museum’s displays as pieces which you usually obectify at artpieces instead of critters and fossils.

What do you think? Would you wish that the mentioned above are true. Hopefully we get to see them in future DLCs or events to add them into the collection on our island!

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