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Animal Crossing: New Horizon Gaming News

Looking for more sites that provides you QR codes and ideas for you to dress up your villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons? Well, we got you covered.

We will be listing most of the sites available for you archive all of the available QR codes.

1: Youtube- QR codes video (Nerd Attack)

Right off the bat, there are already a truckloads of Animal Crossing QR codes clothes design for your exploit. Youtuber NERD ATTACK has archived so many for the viewers to use. Subscribe to him for more designs update.

2: pinterest

Pinterest Is Working on a Plan to Introduce a 'Buy' Button as Soon ...

With Over 1000+ uniqe designs, pinterest is a goldmine for Animal Crossing QR Codes not only for clothing designs but also floor and canvas designs as well. You can literally spend hours just on this site alone for Animal Crossing clothes designs. Click here or the logo above to enter into Animal Crossing Pinterest.

3: DeviantArt

DeviantArt - Discover The Largest Online Art Gallery and Community

A probably more sleek website than its sister pinterest. Deviantart also have a immense amount of QR codes for your disposal. We noticed Deviantart’s selection focuses more on anime and cartoon characters design while Pinterest is more towards original creation. Click here or on the image to enter into deviantart Animal Crossing QR Codes.

On our previous article, we also handpicked some of our favorite Animal Crossing Designs as well. Our focus on the previous article is on some great anime cosplays QR code designs for your visitor to dress up on. Link here!

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