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Hey Gamers. Ever played or sat with someone playing a game, having a great time with a game and then suddenly you heard an alarming sound or an eerie cut-scene you weren’t expecting and it freaked you out that you either dropped your controller or turned off your consoles immediately? Yes it happened to me and i’d like to share my experience on games that unexpectedly freaked the living life out of me turning off the consoles immediately forget about gaming for a day. Here are some of our picks of Non-Horror games that freaked you out when you’re younger.

1: the “!” sound from Metal gear solid snake

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My Dad picked up this game as it had one of the highest rating. Called me into the room to watch him play as he said “We’re fighting bad guys!”. Keep in mind i was a kid, when i heard that i was expecting Power Ranger or Masked Rider level of action game. However to my adolescents demise. The game had such a serious tone and Characters do not have rendered face back then which was creepy.

Instead of fighting the enemy head on, you had to be stealthy. My dad made a wrong turn and then it happened. To my horror, the “!” sound of being caught followed by screaming men and gunshots. As it is the beginning of the game. Snake, does not have a weapon. He died and someone screaming out for your name in the end. I was terrified and i never dared to touch this game without my dad.

2: Concept of slavery and torture in oddworld

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Back in those days, We do not have the ability to search up how was the game like on the internet. We’d just based the game on the front and back cover. When i discovered Oddworld. I’d though that it could be a fun and interesting cartoon game. The box cover kind of reminded me of the Warner Brother’s iconic “That’s All Folks” from Porky Pig. Without second thoughts i picked them up.

When i booted up the game, my hearts was filled with regrets after the first 5 minutes. The opening trailer shows the characters being beat to death, mouth being stitched, tortured and eaten alive. They are even being grinding for meat by their captivators. Every death is horrible, you either get shot, eaten alive and exploded by mines. The concept of torture and slavery was new to me and i hated every minute of it as a child. Sure it is satire but i couldn’t read between the lines back then. But hey, at least there’s farts!

3: Galerians, not your average main character

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Similar to Oddworld. You have nothing to look up for info. I see anime main character and he’s gonna kick some bad guy ass and then i watched the opening trailer of the game. I’ll let the trailer speaks for itself. Don’t blink.

I did not last an hour on this game. The game puts you in a very vulnerable position where you started off with incredibly low HP. You had to inject yourself with drugs to survive which to me back then was like “Why would you hurt yourself with needles!?”. Needless to say i had nightmares and gave the game away. However now that i’m much older. I may re-look into this game again because of its interesting concept. Its like, Mob Psycho but death...

4: Creepy, farting butler in tomb raider 3

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Let’s talk about the Butler. Sure, he is Lara’s butler but he follows her quietly to the ends of the mansion. All he does was moans and fart which was enough to give me the creeps the atmosphere of the mansion didn’t help either since there are no background music or any interaction option at all. Its just an ominous feeling if you turned your back away from him for a second.

Thankfully, someone manage to lock him up for good so that he doesn’t follow you anymore.

5: Dr. Neo Cortex floating talking head in crash bandicoot 2

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Yes i know, don’t laugh. Its just a kids game with a hologram of Dr. N’s head. I didn’t know better when i was a kid. Hologram was too futuristic for me and the concept of its technology flew over my head. As i started the game and had the chance to control Crash. The room looms dark and POOF! Out comes Dr. Neo’s floating, talking head, taunting you with his bizarre facial features. I had my friend sit with me through this and thankfully i got over it quickly.

Oh Look at that. More heads.

Do you enjoy our picks? If you have any scary related gaming moment feel free to share with us! We’d like to know more about your childhood scares of gaming.

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 by Gary Soares in March 11, 2020

Reading the title, I was sure Majoras Mask would've been on this list. The first time you transform into the Deku scrub, at that point where you are still half Link, was super unsettling to my younger self.

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