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The most anticipated mobile tower defense game, Arknights has finally made its debut center stage for the android and Apple mobile devices. Activating the game brings your into the world with beautiful visuals, ear pleasing music and captivating drawn characters and they are all voiced by popular Japanese voice actors. Designed and produced by Hypergryph, Studio Montagne & Yostar put together a masterpiece and an interesting niche that attracts many players attention.

In Arknights, you play as the role of the amnesiac Doctor who is also a resident in Rhodes Island. Accompanied by an infected agent and leader Amiya. Together the agents of Rhode Island and yourself, will travel around the vast post apocalyptic world and uncover the secrets and politics of the infected and the evil behind it.

If you’re interested in playing Arknights but you’re not from USA or Canada. Here’s a guide on where to download the Arknight App for Non-Global players.

1: Download qooapp app

You can not find QooApp in your google store. You have to download an APK. So just open your mobile phone browser and search for QooApp. You will notice a similar logo above and download it. Make sure your settings of installing an external app is turned on. Do not worry. QooApp is a trusted App for years.

2: Navigate the app to Arknight Global

After installing the QooApp, Search for Arknights l English. Install the application and follow the steps and you’re done!

3: How to reroll?

If you have already download the game and wondering if this game gives us the luxury to reroll? Why, yes you can. To learn more about how to efficiently reroll fast in Arknights. Click here.

Join the Arknights Global/Asia community

Arknights community has been rapidly growing. Should you need help in any Arknight matters, feel free to join the Arknights Global/SEA English facebook group. Friendly members will be there to help.

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