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When Pokemon Nintendo Direct was announced. The fans imagination ran wild! Many thought they’d be getting an announcement of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remake. However when the direct got aired, we were so wrong. Instead what we got was rather a pleasant surprise. We stick around to do a little more digging and here’s what we’ve learned and what will we be getting out from the new Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion pass so far. We have lots to cover.

1: 2 new uncharted island to explore

Right off the bat, Pokemon Expansion Pass Director, Hiroyuki Tani, introduced to us two new location. The Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra. The Isle of Armor is a tropical island with enriched grass field, forest and lakes. While the Crown Tundra is a vast ice-lands with runes and temples to explore! It is shared that each island focuses on the progression of the trainer’s development in each arc. The Isle of Armor arc focuses on the trainer’s Growth while The Crown Tundra arc taps on exploration.

2: Dojo and new rivals in the Isle of Armor

In the Pokemon Sword and Shield expansion, the Isle of Armor arc, You, the trainer will be spending their time training and developing their skills there, hence the focus on growth. The trainer will be training under a new mentor known as Mustard, a former champion of the Galar region, Leon used to train under Mustard as well before taking over the Mustard’s reign as a champion.

Alongside 2 new version exclusive rivals have been introduced training under Mustard, Klara the Poison type trainer and Avery the psychic type trainer, whose dream is to be strong and even construct a gym and stadium of their own. Klara will be your Pokemon Sword Rival while Avery as your Pokemon Shield rival. (I’m sorry shield players)

3: Kubfu, urshifu and gigantamax

The Pokemon joining you on your journey is Kubfu, Along the story of the isle of armor, the trainer will be exploring the trials and tribulation of Kubfu. As it evolves it can evolve into 2 different form of Urshifu. Fighting/Dark Single strike style and the Fighting/Water Rapid strike style. Both of them have a Gigantamax form with Gigantamax moves.

4: Galaraian starters gigantamax forms

As you continue to train in the Isle of shield. Along the way, your partner Pokemon will have the ability to have a gigantamax form. We wonder how their G-max move plays out. Actually it is not only the 3 Galarian starters that has a Gigantamax form.

5: Kanto Starters Gigantamax forms

Charizard can’t be the only Kanto Pokemon to be getting the attention and we’re glad to see Blastoise and Venasaur are getting their very own Gigantamax Forms as well.

6: New moves and the return of apricorns

We will be receiving the EXP Charm, discovering brand new moves from the move tutor and Apricorns are making a return from Gold and Silver. This time we can make more of those special Pokeballs we’ve been receiving on a limited amount. Would be a pleasant surprise to see Kurt making a return.

7: legendary in the crown tundra calyrex

We’ve known not much about this legendary pokemon except the crown tundra expansion revolves around the mystery of Calyrex and learning the truth of the phenomenal of whats to come.

8: new Co-op mode and returning LEGENDs

The Crown Tundra expansion will be introducing new Co-op Modes and the return of the past legendary Pokemons. Battle them in their Dynamax forms and hope for the best to be able to catch these returning beasts.

9: New Legendary Pokemon to be discovered

It seems the underlings of Lugia; Moltres, Articuno and Zapdos are getting new forms. Like Subspecies of the original birds, they seem to be dual types this time. Not to mention the new Regis being revealed. We can safely say that the Regi on the left is an electric type where as the one on the right is a Dragon type.

10: 100 more ways to decorate your character

The expansion of the isle of Armor and the crown Tundra unlocks new apparels and hairstyle for your character. Im pretty sure having the option to dress up as Marnie caught many fans attention.

11: Returning Pokemon

Pokemon from the older region are making a return to the Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra expansion. It’s pretty awesome to see some familiar faces and even some fan favorites.

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