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Merry Christmas Pokemon Trainers! It seems to us that Nintendo has been on a giveaway spree this week, such as the Pokeballs giveaway and now the Delibird event!

You may wonder. Why Delibird? isn’t he just a derpy Pokemon whose use in battle is close to none? Well this time Delibird decided to prove its usefulness by distributing EXP candies and Rare candies.

After updating your in game “Wild Area News”, you will be encountering Dynamax Delibirds quite often at Raid Dens. 60% of the time in fact. Keep in mind this event will last from 20 Dec – 26 Dec 2019.

It is not just Exp Candies and Rare Candies that dropped from a defeated Dynamax Delibird. It also drops Ice type Technical Records (TR), Destiny Knots and Gold Nuggets too!

With this event going on. Now is the best time to gather your friends for raids and stock up on EXP Candies and rare Candies for your future preparation on competitive Pokemon Gaming.

Merry Christmas Trainers.

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