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Kingdom Hearts 3: ReMind DLC trailer was supposedly leaked during the early December of 2019. It was noticed to not be intended because as we have already seen the trailer being posted on Youtube by other Youtubers. The official Youtube page for Kingdom Hearts did not show any of the same trailer anywhere.

Could it be that the released by mistake? How will Square Enix recover from this blunder?

However we did catch the video on time and this is what we had learned so far for the coming Kingdom Hearts 3: ReMind DLC Trailer.

  • Kairi will be playable (a scene with Sora and Kairi facing against a boss)
  • New worlds to explore ” Scala Ed Caelum
  • New bosses available
  • Final Fantasy characters will be making a return especially Leon and the gang
  • Play as other Keyblade wielders

Kingdom Hearts 3: ReMind DLC will be released to the PS4 on 23 January 2020 and 25 February 2020 for the Xbox One.

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