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Image Owned by Crema

Crema, the team that developed TemTem has recently released their trailer on several game channel such as IGN, GameSpot and Crema themselves.

If you’ve been playing Pokemon Sword and Shield recently and you can’t seem to get enough to catch them all. TemTem is a heavily inspired game from the Pokemon franchise but with its own unique twist.

We were blown away with their beautifully designed monsters. Full of vibrant colours and personalities bursting from every design.

Image Owned by Crema

TemTem also introduced in game features like breeding, character customization and you get to walk your Monsters!

However, they added another unique feature that gives and extra oomph to the game and is house decorating. Similar to Animal crossing style. It could be a good platform to socialize with other players since its an MMO. Who knows? It be a great idea to have an update to create a clan and have the ability to decorate a bigger house for a guild.

TemTem will soon be released next year at steam on 21 January 2020 and announced that it will also be released on the following consoles:

  • Nintendo Switch
  • PS4
  • XBox One

Overall TemTem seems like a promising game and players curators who got their hands on the game during the beta are giving overwhelmingly positive reviews so far.

Follow TemTem on steam and add them to your wish list.

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