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Similar to the already well loved games Persona 3 FES & Persona 4 Golden. ATLUS have announced a re-release of its already successful game, Persona 5 Royal.

It is revealed that Persona 5 Royal will be available on 31 March 2020 for the PS4 and it is currently available for pre-order at Atlus official website.

Pre-odering the Persona 5 Royal Phantom Thieves Edition – $89.99

  • Joker Mask With Stand
  • Soundtrack
  • Collector’s Box
  • Art book
  • Persona 5 PS4 Theme
  • Steel-book casing

Pre-ordering the Persona 5 Royal: Steelbook Launch Edition – $59.99

  • Steel-book casing
  • Persona 5 PS4 Theme

Information you may want to know.

So as persona 5 is near and almost at the palm of our hands. We dig a littler deeper to squeeze out as much information possible to get us hype for the game.

Additional Game Content

Without a doubt, similar to its Persona 3 and 4 brothers. Persona 5 Royal brings in new content to the table enabling us to player even longer than the 100-150 hours in the original game.

  • More Confidants
  • New Areas to explore
  • Additional Phantom Thieves
  • additional mini games
  • Seamless and improved battle systems
  • modified existing confidants to match in line with the game.
  • Its just too many to list them all!

New voice lines and voice rework

ATLUS’s community manager, Sarah Wellock shared to the community that the voice actors has been called back to record new lines and modified conversations to fit in the new characters in game. This would give more life to the new characters and made them feel more included to the existing ones. Gotta appreciate their attention to details.

Ryuji social link tweaked?

During the discussion with the community, Sarah Wellock. The community asked if there are any changes to social links. Her reply caught everyone in a pleasant surprise. She replied ” they really do, and if like me a Ryuji fan it is BRILLIANT”. We can probably expect alot of changes in Ryuji’s social link giving him a more dynamic personality. Personally, we already love Ryuji as he is but giving us the opportunity to learn more about him. We’ll take it.

Will Akechi redeem himself?

The community also asked questions on one of the most liked characters in persona 5 “As a Akechi fan, How would i feel about Persona 5 Royal” to which Sarah Wellock positively replied, “the happiest”. As we know the fate of Akechi may not be the most satisfying one. We can safely say that Akechi in Persona 5 Royal definitely bring joy to Akechi fans and even sprout new ones.

New Semester and Cutscenes

Unlike other Persona games, Persona 5 Royal allows you to play another semester after defeating the final boss (might not be final anymore). This expands to new cutscenes, contents and events that will add on to more hours than the original game that lasts 100-150 hours.

Lastly let us part ways with the latest trailer dropped by ATLUS.

Let us know what else do you want us to cover on Persona 5 Royal.

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