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Do you remember back in the day while you were a kid. When you see your friends playing Pokemon Yellow/Blue/Red/Green after school. Waking up early on a Saturday morning to and turn on your VHS tape recorder just to record the latest episode of Pokemon?

Image taken from Youtuber Nintendo Wire

Months passed, you have saved up enough money from your parents allowance and bought yourself a GameBoy Colour and a Pokemon game. Reach home, tossed your bag aside, jumped on your bed and turn on your brand new un-boxed GameBoy. Then followed by the most nostalgic chime with the Nintendo icon. Seconds later the Pokemon theme song turned on and you’re pumped up to start a journey with your Pokemon Partner!

That is the flashback i get while watching Youtuber Nintendo Wire video on the De-Make version of Pokemon Sword and Shield. His work managed to capture the nostalgic feel of the past games and yet didn’t sway too off to the original Sword and Shield Content. If a De-make of this game were to happen. Would you dust off your old GameBoy and play it? I would!

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