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Aside from catching all 400 Pokemon in Sword and Shield. You are given another dex to complete and that is the Curry Dex. Unlike simply running in the wilds and catching whatever Pokemon you see. Curry Dex seems rather complicated to complete.

However, Youtuber BeardBear seems to have achieve this amazing feat by completing all 151 type of curries in Pokemon Sword and Shield. From as normal as vegetable curry to something so bizarre like the Slowpoke tail curry. He concocted it all!

So whats the reward?

Apparently you’ll get rewarded for completing the Curry Dex. After discovering all 151 types of curries. Travel to Motostoke outside the field. Speak to the curry enthusiast camper and he will give you the following reward:

  • Fresh Ball: 5 Curry
  • Weighted Ball: 10 Curry
  • Mirror Ball: 30 Curry
  • Tympole Ball: 50 Curry
  • Champion Ball: 80 Curry
  • Moomoo cheese: 110 Curry
  • Smoke-Poke tail: 150 Curry
  • Golden Utensils: 151 Curry

The balls are fine and dandy however one ball stands out above the rest and that is the Champion Ball!

Image taken from Youtuber BeardBear

It a hilariously cute ball with the Champion’s face on it and you get to throw it around for your Pokemon to play with. What better way to express your fandom for Leon!

If you are sold on getting yourself a Leon ball, it is time for you to stock up your berry supplies and complete those Curry Dex. you may click here to find out more.

Credits to BeardBear video.

Speaking of curry. Do you know that the UK and India has a history with each other? And our next guess for a new Pokemon game. Find out more about our theory here.

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