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Right about now. Most of you would have already completed Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield and are ready to go competitive to be the very best! However, in order to go competitive, you definitely need to train your Pokemon to gets its best of its potential by training their EV (Effort Value) points. But what is the fastest way to EV train a Pokemon?

Lets establish the basics first. Effort Value are bonus points a Pokemon can achieve by applying various methods of training so that their stats are boosted. A Pokemon can have a total of 510 EV points in total and it can be distributed to any stats, from HP to attack to defense to speed. However each stats can only be trained up to 252 EV points. Your goal is to achieve all 510 EV Points for your Pokemon to be most optimal in battle.

How do we check for EVs and what each colours represents?

  • Enter Menu
  • press “Pokemon”
  • Choose the Pokemon you want to check
  • Move to the Parameter Icon
  • Press “X” button

You will notice there are 2 shades of yellow in the parameter hexagon. Bright Yellow represents your Pokemon base stats while Dark yellow represents the EV that your Pokemon has currently gained. Once you maxed out all 510 EV points, your Dark yellow will turn blue.

Hope you have yourself a clearer understanding on the concept of EV training. Now to the fun part. Here are some ways Pokemon can increase its EV stats in Pokemon Sword and Shield from Slowest to Fastest.

1: Battling Wild Pokemon (Slow)

One of the basic but the most tedious method to EV train a Pokemon is through a hard grind of battling wild Pokemon. Defeating a wild Pokemon will Reward you with 1-3 EV points on the stats the wild specialized in. For example Pikachu, It is specialized in speed EV. Defeating a Pikachu will reward your pokemon with 3 speed EV. That means you need to defeat 84 wild Pikachu to receive 252 EVs in Speed stat. The list of every pokemon EV specialized stats are linked here (list from Bulbapedia).

Image from (Table as of Sun and Moon)

Equipping the following items above will make EV training slightly easier giving you an extra +4 stats per battle. You can get these items from Hammerlocke Town.

I honestly wouldn’t recommend this method unless you would want to experience how the earliest version of EV training a Pokemon felt or you would want to challenge yourself.

2: Using Stats boosting Feathers (Slow)

There is a long bridge outside Route 5, while riding pass the bridge, you’ll notice several glitters on the floor. You’ll be picking up feathers on the bridge and each feather gives you +1 stats. I also would not recommend this style of EV training unless you’re trying to hatch an egg or challenging yourselves yet again.

3: Vitamins and Proteins (Fast)

Back in the previous Pokemon games. Purchasing yourselves Vitamins are extremely expensive and it takes a long grind to get the vitamins you wanted. However it is way cheaper in Pokemon Sword in Shield, you are able to afford them easily to EV train your Pokemon.

After beating the game. Travel to Wyndon Pokemon center and speak to the Pokemart Cashier. They Will offer the following supplements.

  • HP Up (+10 HP EVs)
  • Protein (+10 Atk EVs)
  • Iron (+10 Def EVs)
  • Calcium (+10 SpAtk Evs)
  • Zinc (+10 SpDef EVs)
  • Carbos (+10 Speed EVs)

You can use the “make $1M in a few minutes. Pokemon Sword and Shield” to earn money quickly to afford them. This is one method to train Pokemon EVs fast

Buy as many as you need and feed your Pokemon until they max their EVs. This can also increase your Pokemon’s Happiness.

4: PokeJobs (Fast)

A brand new EV training method introduced in Pokemon Sword and Shield, the PokeJobs system. After beating the game, proceed to any Pokemon Center and access into the computer and select PokeJobs. Scroll all the way down and you will notice that there are new jobs for you to apply for.

Seminar Sessions is another way to train Pokemon EVs fast! By placing your Pokemons into the seminar session you want and make the timer to 24 Hours. By the end of the session you will earn +96 EVs.

However, there is a way that you do not have to wait 24 hours for your Pokemons to come back! By using the “Finding a Gigantamax Pokemon in less than 5 minutes.” method. After changing the game date by a day. The game registers that the day has been passed.

Image taken from Youtuber Austin John Plays

Return to the Pokemon Center and check back to your PokeJobs. You will notice that the PokeJobs that you registered has been completed and your Pokemon will gain +96 EVs. Onces thats done. You can rinse and repeat until your Pokemon has maxed out its EV capacity.

And we’re done! Let us know what kind of EV training method suits you best and whats your fastest time for maxing a Pokemon EV?

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