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The Pokemon Community has stumbled upon new clues and information and starts to speculate where will the new region will be inspired from for the new Pokemon Game!

New Region map?

A Pokemon Community member was exploring around the Galar Region post game and stumbled upon of what seems to be a part of a regional map. It is unsure if it was a map part from the Galar region but we did a side by side comparison this map and Galar’s map and we can’t seem to find any similarities. Could it be a map for the new game?

Pokedex Entries for Copperajah

While reading through the Pokedex entries for Pokemon Sword and Shield. We stumbled across an Elephant Pokemon called Copperajah and its Pokedex entries are quite intriguing. A quote from the Pokedex.

“They came over from another region long ago and worked together with humans. Their green skin is resistant to water. These Pok√©mon live in herds. Their trunks have incredible grip strength, strong enough to crush giant rocks into powder.”

It is mentioned that Copperajah, came from another region long ago. Could it be their species escaped from their previous region to seek refuge in Galar and how long their species exists?

Could it be India?

We can only guess that the next Pokemon Game region will likely be in India. Comparing the both map in game and India itself there is possibly some similarities as the East side of both map shows a small gap in between lands. Also Copperajah is what seems to be a Great Indian Elephant which is a famous animal in India.

What kind of Pokemon to expect in the new Region?

Well we can’t say for sure but we do have a few ideas in mind. Since Copperajah do signifies highly to the culture of India. We can expect the following Pokemon as well which is widely known to India.

The Bengal Tiger (Kotora)

The probably obvious Pokemon that we might except to see is the Electric type Pokemon Kotora initially was planned to released to Pokemon Gold and Silver as it appeared in the demo on 1997. Maybe with the new India region, it could possibly have a good reason to put Kotora in the game!

The Blackbuck Deer

Blackbuck deers are mostly seen in India and it greatly resembles the initial deer Pokemon design drawn by Satoshi Tajiri that did not make the cut in Pokemon Red/Blue/Green/Yellow version. A fanart was drawn for the Deer Pokemon Diaa what it may look like if it comes to the new region. Interesting right?

8/10 too much Sand and Cactus

Like The Thar Desert in India. We are bound to find Cactus from all directions. Introducing the Cactus type Pokemon, Kakkutasu that did not make the cut as well in the initial Pokemon games. If the game is in the India Region, we will surely discover and traverse the desert and Kakkutasu might be there to greet us?

Do you think the next Pokemon region will reside in the long distance past in India where Pokemon and Trainers work closely together? Or could it be the Trainers of the future will revisit the abandon land of the possible India region and uncover its secrets of the Pokemon of the old and the legend? Share with us what do you think?

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