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Eiscue may look like an adorable derpy looking penguin who just wants hugs and cuddles but it is actually a force to be reckoned with! One wrong move and you will be sleeping with the fishes after Eiscue is done sweeping the whole team up.

Why Eiscue is as OP as they say? Here’s why!

1: Amazing Ability: Ice Face

Its ability, Ice Face has the ability to block any physical attack from its opponent. Its basically a free hit to its face and it does not receive any damage while it sets up for the sweep. Look at its adorable worried face when the ice breaks.

2: Losing its Ice Face changes Eiscue stats

Notice how its stat changes in each forms? Eiscue has higher Defense and Special Defense with its Ice on but when it lose its ice, it also loses both its defense and special defense. However! It has gained a high amount of speed! Do you already know where this is going?

3: It can learn “Icicle Crash” & “Belly Drum”

2 very strong moves that goes well with Eiscue ability. If its against a physical attacker. Eiscue do not have to worry about taking damage. It is easily the first choice to set-up a Belly Drum for a high increase in Attack stats and once it got hit and loses its Ice. You are ready to sweep with its high speed and high attack with Icicle Crash. You may want to use this set of skills below.

  • Liquidation
  • Belly Drum
  • Icicle Crash
  • Iron Head/ Zen Headbut/ Hail

*NOTE: However Ice Crash and Belly Drum is an egg move and you can get both of these moves from a Galarian Darmanitan from Pokemon Sword. Some trading will be required

4: It can get its Ice Head back!

Activating Hail will allow Eiscue to get its Ice face back. Imagine the possibilities. When you predict that your Eiscue is in danger you can use its Hail skill to change the weather and get its Ice Head back! If you’re running a Mono Ice Team with a Pokemon that has the ability of “Snow Warning” it will synergy great with Eiscue ability.

*NOTE: That Eiscue will only activate per Hail session and only if its at its none ice face form.*

5: Its adorable on the outside but deadly inside.

Its a penguin who wants love and be by your side wherever you go but it can wreck havoc when it wants to? What else not to like?

Are you convinced and wonder to yourself “Where can i get one of this cute but deadly Penguin?” Well you’re in luck! We will show you!.

Where to catch an Eiscue

Eiscue can be found in Route 10 and can be found in the tall grass with an “!” However, be prepared as it is only 2% chance to meet one and only available in Pokemon Shield, if you own a Sword version, get your online trade up!

This guide it made possible thanks you Youtuber foofootoo.

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