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Youtuber Austin John Plays has done it again and this time round he managed to find a trick to make over a few million in Pokemon Sword and Shield in a few minutes

So similar to finding Gigtantamax Pokemon using the Raid dens Trick, you are able to use the same trick into making big bucks for your Pokemon Sword and Shield. Here’s how.

1: Preparation

  • Aquire a Wishing Piece
  • Look for a Raid Den and save
  • Turn off Auto-Save in the game settings

2: Find a raid Den

Now here’s the tricky part. Like the Raid dens Trick. You will be looking for the purple light. Just as you throw the wishing piece, immediately hit the “Home” button on your switch. Just make sure the light appears is purple. If its red. Reset the game until you get purple.

3: Enter the Raid and Change your Nintendo Switch Time

Enter the Raid and you will notice that you received 2000 Watts, press “Invite others” and hit home screen and change the date by a day. Make sure to turn off the Synchronize timing to the internet. Go back into the game, quit the raid menu and go back into the raid again. You will notice that you received another 2000 Watts. Rinse and Repeat!

4: Locate a Watt Trader

Now locate for a Watt Trader and that trades Watts for Luxury Balls. Watts Traders can be found in the Map above with yellow stars.

5: Sell for Big Bucks!

Head to any shop and sell the Luxury Balls for Big Bucks! Time to splurge!

This guide is made possible thanks to Youtuber Austin John Plays. His video of Money Making guide below.

Did you manage to make 1 million in a few minutes? Share with us your fastest time yet with this method.

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