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Since Pokemon Sword and Shield it is out. A new Mechanic is introduced and that is Dynamaxing and selected Pokemons has the ability to Gigantamax.

Gigantamax is Pokemons who are able to change forms when Dynamaxing and i must say their designs are menacing and strong looking!

So, apparently someone managed to find out how to find a Gigantamax Pokemon in less than a few minutes. Youtuber Austin John Plays and Youtuber CurseShaka has discovered the way of finding a Gigantamax Pokemon in less than a few minutes. All is required are.

Here’s How!

  • 1 Wishing Piece (Worth 3000 Watts)
  • Find a Raid Den location with the pokemon you want to capture
  • Turn off your Auto-Save feature
  • Save right before the Raid Den
  • *Use the wishing piece on the Raid Den*

*There is a trick to it and it requires you to throw the wishing piece and pressing the home button at the same time*

Watch his video below for a visual explanation.

Youtuber Austin John Plays

What do you think? Let us know if you caught any Gigantamax Pokemon using this method?

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