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One of another interesting way of evolving a pokemon like Farfetch’d, Applin and Milcery. Yamask has a very unique way of evolving that not many people would figure out or probably by chance. I’m glad i am given the opportunity to share with you the guide to evolving a Galarian Yamask and where to find one.

1: Finding a Galarian Yamask

Fly over to Stow-on Side head to route 6 and head south all the way. ignore the first ladder and take the second ladder down. The first tall grass you see after getting off the ladder shows a tall grass and it spawn a Galaraian Yamask. Catch it!

2: Let it hold a focus Sash (Optional)

Although optional. Catching a Yamask fresh off the grass may pose an issue because it’s level is low and my die in one hit.

If you’re interested in getting a Focus sash it can be found at Hammerlocke Town. The house right beside the Pokemon Center at the left and battle the black belt. Defeating him will secure yourself a Focus Sash.

Disclaimer: For competitive players, if you’re planning to use focus Sash, the item will disappear upon use. Be aware that you need to farm for another one if it pops during battle.

3: Let Yamask lose 49 Health in Battle

Encounter any wild Pokemon and have it attack Yamask. Make sure it loses 49 HP and above. If not, the next step will not work. However, if your Yamask is holding a focus Sash. Use a Pokedoll to run away to prevent any chance of failing of escaping.

4: Travel to the Dusty Bowl at the Wild Area

Now, at the Dusty Bowl. Head under the bridge-like structure in rocks and watch Yamask evolve into Runerigus!

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