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Just like Whipping from milk cream with circular momentum force. Milcery has a similar style of evolution like whipping cream but using the Nintendo Switch!

Alcremie has a total of 63 forms and we are happy to share with you every forms they had to offer! But first!

1: Catch a Milcery

Micery is located at Route 4. look for a “!” in the tall grass and hope for it to appear.

2: Get sweets from the Battle Cafes

Enter the Battle Cafe and Battle the Baristas. There are several Battle Cafes in Galar! (Motostoke, Hammerlocke and Wyndon). You will receive sweets after defeating him. There are different kinds of sweets you are able to get from the Barista. Such as:

  • Berry Sweet
  • Clover Sweet
  • Flower Sweet
  • Love Sweet
  • Ribbon Sweet
  • Star Sweet
  • Strawberry Sweet

Any of these sweets are allows Milcery to evolve into a rainbow form. Give any of those sweets to it to hold and…

3: Whip it real good! (for Rainbow Form!)

Image taken from Youtuber BeardBear

Now, for the most important part. To get a Rainbow Alcremie, there are requirements that needs to be in check.

  1. Timing must be set to Dusk for it to work *
  2. Milcery is holding a sweet item
  3. Spin Anti-Clockwise
  4. Spin for 45 Seconds

Just like stirring curry in Poke Camp. Rotate your left stick as fast as possible until your character starts spinning. Stop and your character will do the Leon’s Charizard “V” Sign and your Milcery will evolve into a Rainbow Alcremie!

For your Discretion: *You may like to change your Nintendo Switch time until you get dusk, however changing the timing may temporary affect online game play.*

4: Wait.. There’s more!

Yes, we did not forget about the other 63. Heres a list and method of getting the different kinds of Alcremie. Thanks to for the lists.

Did you find any Alcremie form to your fancy? Let us know what are your favorite forms!

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