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As Leftovers has become more of a staple item from generations of Pokemon Games. From Pokemon R/B/Y to Pokemon Sword and Shield It is only natural that you would want to secure more than 1 Leftovers for your team.

So, here’s easy guide to get more Leftovers in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

1: Catch a Pokemon that can learn the move “Thief”

You may want to catch a that can learn the move “Thief” such as Impidimp/Morgrem (Impidimp evolution) or Thievul. It would be easier if your Pokemon Impidimp has a FRISK ability.

2: Head to the Pokemon Center and buy the “Thief” TM

Buy the Thief TM located at Pokemon Center next to Route 6 at Hammerlocke and teach it to Impidimp/Morgrem (Impidimp evolution) or Thievul . Do take note that unlocking the TM for purchase requires you to reach a certain stage of the game. But my guess is, if you’re trying to get more Leftovers. It means you are already preparing for end-game content link Rank!

3: Head to Motostoke Riverbank on a Sunny day.

Fly to Motostoke Riverbank on a cloudy day. However if your weather is not Sunny on that day. You can go to your settings in your Nintendo Switch to change the date until you get into Sunny weather. (Please note that changing the Nintendo Switch Date may somehow temporary affect Online Game features so please change the date to your discretion!)

4: Explore around till you find a Munchlax Spawn

At Motostoke Riverbank locate the tall grass right before the bridge and run around until a Munchlax Spawn appears! Do note that it may take awhile for Munchlax to spawn as it has about 5% spawn-rate.

5: Use Thief on Munchlax!

Use the Thief on Munchlax and you secured yourself a Leftover. Now you can keep repeating the steps to get more! But do take note to remove the initial stolen Leftover from your pokemon and put them in your bag or you will not able to thief another Leftover in your next encounter!

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