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Do you want to get yourself an eccentric yet powerful Grass and Dragon type Pokemon like Applin’s evolution but are not sure how? Here’s a guide on where to Applin and how to evolve it!

Similarly to evolving a Farfetch’d there is another Pokemon that requires a different kind of attention into evolving it. Keep in mind Applin will have a different kind of evolution if you own Pokemon Sword or Shield

1: Travel to Route 5. Go to the tall grass below the nursery.

Look for the “!” in the grass. More information here.

This step is quite similar to Farfetch’d. but it comes with a twist. This time, instead of searching for it to appear on the grass. Look for the “!” in the grass and there will be a 10% chance to encounter an Applin!

2: Travel to Hammerlocke City

Open your map and Travel to Hammerlocke City

3: Head left and follow the path all the way until you meet an NPC

Once you reached Hammerlocke City. Just Travel left all the way passing the bridge and the Pokemon Center until you come across an NPC in red Jacket and Brown Hair.

4: Hand over Applin to him (Do Not Worry)

The NPC will tell you a heartwarming story and kindly asked if you can give Applin to him. Say “Yes” and a cut scene will be activated. Do not worry. You will not lose your hard earned caught Applin.

4: Use Tart/Sweet Apple on Applin and watch it Evolve!

At the end of the cut scene. You will receive an item called “Tart Apple” (Pokemon Sword) or “Sweet Apple” (Pokemon Shield). Open your bag, under “Others”, locate the item and use it on Applin and watch it Evolve!

Hope this helps! We also did a guide on how to find and evolve a Farfetch’d! Click here to find out how.

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