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There has been a state of panic recently when someone posted that their save files have been deleted after playing the brand new Pokemon Sword & Shield game. It got everyone worried and anxious about playing Pokemon

Many speculate that is could be the in-built auto save features that corrupt the Nintendo Switch’s save files that even affect other games files as well. That made players switch-off their Auto-Safe feature.

However thats not the Case!

From a Reddit user gmendezm in the Pokemon Sword and Shield Forum.

It seems that it only happens to Nintendo Switch owners who Hack their switches or installing custom firmware that configure some files in the game that when the Pokemon Sword and shield Game cross reference files with your Switch they manage to detect that its hack and save files gets corrupted.

So if you’re using the clean version of your Nintendo Switch. You are perfectly safe!

Do you think it was an intended move by Nintendo? What do you think? Comment below.

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