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Remember in Pokemon X & Y, players have to crack their head trying to figure out how to Evolve an Inkay into a Malamar and it turns out that you have to flip your Nintendo 3DS upside down for it to work.

Well, similarly. For Pokemon Sword, our dear’old Farfetch’d the players has been wrecking their brains to figure out his secret for Evolution too.

Some tried detaching their Joy Cons and pose like a knight but to no avail. Some even thought that cooking curry while having a Farfetch’d in the team may unlock a secret cutscene that uses its leek (his weapon) to stir the curry until it grows.

After several trial and errors, the community has figured it out and here’s how!

Evolving a Farfetch’d into a Sirfetch’d

1. Catch a Farfetch’d on Route 5 near the Pokemon Nursery. 

There is a Berry tree at the left side and a tent behind the lake. Click here for more information

1. Catch a Farfetch’d holding a leek (as a held item)

3. Prepare a use item “Dire Hit” (Optional)

Not compulsory but probably good to have to increase the critical boost of your Farfetch’d by 2 levels. Good to stock some potions too

4. Find a trainer that holds more than 3 Pokemon

5. Land 3 critical hits in a single battle.

When you find a potential trainer to battle it is probably advisable to save your game before the fight. Pop a Dire hit item and use fury cutter at your opponent’s Pokemon and hope the lucky stars that it lands 3 critical hits at them. If you scored 3 critical hits, at the end of the battle Farfetch’d will evolve into a Sirfetch’d

We hope this guide helps improve the chance of catching and evolving a Farfetch’d easier!

Do you have a more better way to evolve a Farfetch’d? Share with us below!

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