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It is finally the release day of the Pokemon Sword and Shield and reviews have been flying left and right! Its hard to avoid them in Youtube. But do you actually have the time to watch all 5-6 in one sitting? No? Well we have consolidated a list of the “BigShot” reviewers review! Let hear what they have to say.

Since the game has just released, there wasn’t much reviews from the Youtube community. However we managed to summarized at least 3 popular reviews!

In Summary!

Reviewers From YouTube. The Good, The Bad and their Verdict. (Consolidated by Pangster)

Without a shred of doubt. For a Pokemon game it is undoubtedly was sung high with praise from reviewers all round. The 3 agreed that the game felt very balanced and certain aspects of the game can be challenging in a positive way. However some did mention that the wild areas and the city could be visually better and there’s also a wish for the Pokemon Companion to continue in Sword and Shield. Overall it is still a great game!

Do you agree with their reviews? What are your opinion in the new Sword and Shield game?

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