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When Pok√©mon Sword and Shield is soooo…. Close! Lets talk about a game similar to its monster taming genre that is also coming to the Nintendo Switch and Android and that is. Monster Rancher or Monster Farm in Japan!

Why should we be excited for Monster Rancher? Well, would you believe that Monster rancher is a cross breed between a Tamagotchi and Digimon together into one game! Also as kids who couldn’t afford a real pet. This games fills the empty void within and its eerily close to realistic of having a real pet and here’s why.

1. Monsters have their own favourite food

You get to feed your monsters! Each monsters have their own distinct personality and even have their likes and dislikes of food! Be sure to choose wisely because feeding them different kinds of food may affect their mood. Feed them the wrong one and they may be unhappy and throw a tantrum.

2. They can cheat during training!

Like kids who do not study for their exams. Monsters who are mischievous in nature tends to cheat during their training! However we can’t just scold whenever we feel like. We also have to check on the Monster’s feeling. They do sometimes have a reason to cheat. For example, they are feeling really stressed out or they get angry because you refuse to give them attention by playing with them. It also could be you fed it its least favourite food. It comes full circle!

3. Cross breeding is Legal? (Fusing Monsters)

A monster breed has many variations of sub-breed. How does it work? by fusing them. Fusing one monster with another may lead to a different kind of sub-breed monsters or even better a totally different species. That leads to almost an infinite amount of possibilities of monsters you may end up with.

4. Battling!

Suezo using Telekinesis on Plant

What’s a ranch without a friendly competition? Yes, you do get to register your monster to a battle and its so much more exhilarating to see them fight in high graphics back in the days. What makes this game special is that they have a few trick up their sleeves. For example a young inexperience monster who are not loyal to you yet may not listen to you in battle and even sometimes fool around ignoring your every command. That is why you have to be nice to your monsters and make sure they are mentally and physically prepared for battle. One wrong move and…

5. Monsters may get injured or even die..

Yes… Unlike other monster games. Monster Rancher introduced the concept of them growing old, getting injured or fall sick and even die. As a kid it has traumatised many of us and even made us put down the game for a few days to mourn our beloved monsters. There are ways to prevent them from dying such as retiring them or fusing them before they die to bring over stats and personality to a newly fused monster. But for a sentimental player like me. Id rather just let them retire and spend their remaining life happily (that’s what I’d love to believe)

Of course there are many more aspects that makes the game more vibrant and unique compared to other monster genre games. Hopefully this gives you some inspiration and even introduce the idea of picking this game up when its released on the Switch? However release date is still unknown. Here’s a teaser trailer released for the community thus far.

What do you guys think? Convinced? To those who played Monster Rancher, share with us your experiences and tell us why this game may be special to you.

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